Can we connect?

Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere, but didn't want to go alone? Or were traveling alone but wanted to meet someone for a coffee, dinner, or a hike? 

Now with the TravelSOUL app, you can easily and quickly find fellow travelers who are in the same place as you and also interested in the same things. No need to filter through false profiles or hundreds of generic friend requests. With TravelSOUL, you can arrive with confidence at your destination knowing who you will meet.


How does TravelSOUL work?

The TravelSOUL app is simple.


First you create a traveler profile, telling us your general interests. Then you create a trip profile, telling us your trip-specific interests, destination, and travel dates.

The TravelSOUL app shows you potential connections who will be in the same place at the same time and have the same interests as you. From there, you can connect, chat, and plan an experience together. 

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